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    • RoadMap Welcome to the Live Stream Roadmap Group! Our Vision: We're on a thrilling journey to bring live streaming to our platform, specifically designed for adult doll collectors and storytellers. This group is the heart of our roadmap, where dreams of sharing, connecting, and creating come alive through the power of live video. Our Mission: To collaboratively develop, fund, and launch a live streaming feature that enriches our community's storytelling experience. Whether you're here to share your doll narratives, connect with fellow collectors, or showcase your creative process, this feature will open new doors for interactive and engaging content. What We Offer: Updates & Announcements: Get the latest news on our progress, from technical developments to fundraising milestones. Community Input: Your voice matters! Participate in polls, surveys, and discussions to shape the live streaming feature according to community needs and desires. Exclusive Previews: Members of this group will have first access to beta versions, sneak peeks, and the opportunity to be among the first broadcasters using the live streaming feature. Support & Feedback: Share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas to help us refine and improve the live streaming experience. Your insights are invaluable to making this feature the best it can be. Fundraising Activities: Learn about and contribute to our fundraising efforts, from crowdfunding campaigns to sponsorship deals, ensuring the successful launch of our live streaming capability. Join Us: Whether you're a seasoned doll collector, an avid storyteller, or someone passionate about the art of doll collecting, your participation can make a significant difference. Together, we can create a dynamic space for live, interactive storytelling that celebrates our shared passion for dolls. How to Get Involved: Engage: Share your ideas, participate in discussions, and provide feedback. Spread the Word: Help us grow by inviting fellow collectors and storytellers. Support: Contribute to our fundraising efforts in any way you can, be it through donations, sharing our campaign, or offering your skills and resources. Let's make live streaming on our platform a reality, enhancing the way we connect, share, and engage with each other and our beloved collections. This is more than just a feature; it's a new chapter in our community's story, and every member here plays a vital role in its success.
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